Combine the power of GPS tracking with one really smart little app.


Nobody wants to react to a crash. Take the steps to prevent crashes before they ever happen. In fact, you are only three simple steps away. ORIGOSafeDriver™ is the most simple and effective tool to reduce or eliminate distracted driving among commercial fleets. Some products on the market have dangerous limitations, are easily circumvented by drivers, or feature a reactive approach that only informs you of dangerous driving behavior after the fact.

Different…but not complicated.

ORIGOSafeDriver™ is designed to be different…but not complicated. After a simple, out-of-sight hardware install most clients do themselves, the clever and intuitive app does the rest. The app and hardware sync with the vehicle’s CAN bus (the vehicle’s nervous system, of sorts), and once the vehicle goes into motion, the app renders your driver’s phone useless until the vehicle comes to a stop. Or if you like, you can easily customize what functions remain available while the vehicle is in use. Plus, with integrated GPS on board, you can have real-time tracking of all of your vehicles.

1. Install the ORIGO.

Plug the ORIGO device into the diagnostics port of your vehicle. Simple.

2. Download and install the free app.

Visit your app store of choice, and download the ORIGOSafeDriver™ app for any iOS or Android mobile device. Once you sign in to your ORIGOSafeDriver™ account, you are good to go.

3. Monitor your fleet.

Access your dashboard from anywhere, on any device, to view your entire fleet. Receive proactive warnings about any trouble. Use the built-in reporting features to get location reports, maintenance updates, and vehicle idle times.

Get all the features you need to manage your fleet.

Cell Phone Safety

Once the wheels begin to spin, phones (Android or iOS) with ORIGOSafeDriver™ installed are disabled…or they only have the functionality you choose to allow.

GPS Tracking & Real-Time Monitoring

Our integrated GPS system offers reliable tracking of your entire fleet…with real-time monitoring from your desktop computer, tablet, or even your phone…anywhere and anytime. 

Theft & Unauthorized Use Prevention

What if an employee doesn’t bring their phone to work? ORIGOSafeDriver™ will let you know. Or worse yet, if someone steals a vehicle, you’ll know right away & can track the vehicle in real time.

Driver Activity Reporting

Manage your business more efficiently by having driver activity at your fingertips. Easily track and analyze how you and your drivers are utilizing your fleet and gain deep insights.

Active Coaching For Drivers

If the driver touches their phone or exceeds their maximum allowed speed, they will receive active coaching to prevent a disaster before it happens (plus, you’ll get a real-time notification).

Driver Score Card

Good behavior should be rewarded. Let’s be honest, safe driving saves you money. Pass along some of the benefits to motivate drivers to be safe, careful, and represent you well in your community.

Vehicle Idle Time Reporting

Get creative with this reporting feature and use it for billing (time on the job for service providers), gain valuable insight about job efficiency, and have quick and easy access to the numbers.

Geofencing & Location Reports

Set geofences around job sites and track the exact time and attendance in that area. Also, receive notifications if vehicles enter areas you’ve restricted in your system.

Maximum Speed Alerts

Use ORIGOSafeDriver™ to define your fleet’s maximum allowed speed. The system will send you real-time alerts if that speed is exceeded…plus the active coaching for your drivers.