You need a proven tool to help protect & manage your fleet.

We all live and work in an increasingly connected world. Your challenge is harnessing the power of these connections, all while eliminating the harmful distractions that cause crashes.

Each day in the United States, approximately 9 people are killed and 1,000 more are injured in distracted driving crashes, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Whether there are injuries involved or not, any crash costs your company money and damages your brand and reputation in the community.

Reduce distracted driving and mobile device use on the road.

You deserve more than a delayed, reactive safety notification after distracted driving has occurred in one of your vehicles… especially when mobile device use is the cause of 90% of all commercial crashes. You don’t need a new policy or more driver training. With ORIGOSafeDriver, you can rest easy with a proven, simple system that eliminates distractions and prevents crashes before they ever happen.

Trips With Zero Crashes IN 2018


Average Return On Investment

At-Fault Crashes

“Since we installed these devices we have not had one accident that was our fault. We believe in this device, and we’re encouraged about developments that will just improve an already great solution!”

Kevin Adan, Weed Man (Atlanta)
Owner & General Manager

“In the 12 months before installing the ORIGO system, we had 5 company vehicle crashes and lost $300,000 due to distracted driving. 48 months later, we’ve had ZERO crashes.”

Fred Garcia, Garcia Roofing Company

“The ORIGO system has changed my drivers’ behavior to the point where I’m positive that I could deactivate the system today, and they would never notice.”

Shea Karcha, Oil & Gas Industry
Regional Manager

Get all the features you need to manage your fleet.

Disable (any) mobile devices while your company vehicle is in motion.

As the wheels of your company vehicle begin to move, all passengers’ phones are disabled and only allow the functions you choose. 

Don’t wait for a catastrophe. Prevent it before it ever happens with alerts.

We put you in the cab with your drivers. Get real-time alerts about risky driving behaviors that can lead to catastrophic crashes (like excessive speed).

Integrated GPS allows real-time tracking of your entire fleet.

You’ll also have visibility of all vehicle activity, receive unauthorized driver reports, and even track how vehicles remain at job sites.

Access your fleet dashboard on any device, anywhere, anytime.

You’ll never have to wonder about your fleet again. With a cloud-based solution, you are no longer tied to a desk.